About the Competency Register

The =Method Competency Register provides users with the ability to add activities that can support their competency claims in a range of tasks related to process and functional safety, cyber security and other related fields. A range of activities can be submitted under the headings of formal training, practical experience and demonstration of knowledge. Where users submit activities they are verified by an administrator before being credited towards any competency claim.L Plates

Where “L-plates” are shown against a particular task, this shows that the user has not been able to evidence a claim to a particular competency status (such as when a new team member joins and has not been able to bring previous examples of work forwards for verification). “L-plates” are typically removed after 4 peer-reviewed projects have been satisfactorily completed. Users with appropriate formal training and many years of practical experience may still have “L-plates” when they cannot share details of peer reviewed projects that would count towards demonstration of knowledge.

The page here shows a summary of the competency status for a user. The full detail of the competency register may be requested, if required.